About Us

Welcome to Khubz Property !

Khubz Property is a private listed company (PT. Khubz Mitra Perkasa) founded by a group of young & vibrant entrepreneurs who have vast experience in the property industry since September 2011. Our Vision is to become an innovative property developer focused on building dreams of individuals & the community.

Currently building on a residential housing project we aspire to branch out into commercial projects in the near future. We have a strong commitment to building quality property developments & are aggressively focused on optimizing profits for both owners & investors.

Our pricing scheme & project developments cater to small & medium size families who aspire to fulfill their dreams of owning affordable houses. We are well connected with the financial & banking industry which will help to provide easy & flexible pricing packages for buyers from all income levels.

Our bigger vision is to revolutionize the property industry through our innovative use of online buying system.

Trust Khubz Property to build your dreams !!!



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